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Excellent! Sanyou Chemical Fiber Brand Value exceeded 10 billion yuan

Date: 2024.02.04

Publisher:Sanyou Group

Recently, the Brand Work Office of the China National Textile And Apparel Council released the "2023 Brand Value Evaluation Research Report". Among them, the brand value of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Fiber is 10.562 billion yuan, with a brand strength of 88.33 percent, fully demonstrating the comprehensive strength of enterprise brand leadership and value creation.

The research report released this time is mainly focused on the "Key Cultivation of 100 Textile and Apparel Brands (2022 Edition)" determined by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The aim is to use the brand value evaluation system to scientifically evaluate the monetization value of brands, systematically judge the level of brand competitiveness according to the database of advantageous brands, provide reference direction for improving brand building capabilities, and help enterprises improve brand innovation and management capabilities, Brand awareness and market influence.

Brand is the business card of the enterprise. For many years, Tangshan Sanyou has always adhered to the resonance between brand building and enterprise development, taking sustainable development as the direction, focusing on standard upgrading, quality improvement, and brand efficiency, and building Sanyou brand into a well-known brand and a leading vane in the adhesive industry. It has won honors such as "National Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Product", "Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award", and "National Textile Industry Quality Award", Continuously ranked on the "Chinas Textile and Apparel Brand Competitiveness Advantage Enterprise" list.

Enhance variety advantages. Focusing on high-end, green, and differentiated market positioning, Tangshan Sanyou targets high value-added products and personalized customer needs, further increasing its original innovation efforts, turning ordinary products into unique features and advantages into competitive products, and continuously leading industry progress.

Upgrade product quality. Keep up with market trends, adjust product structure timely, and comprehensively improve product quality and customer satisfaction through measures such as technological transformation, equipment upgrading, and refined management.

Create brand characteristics. Tangshan Sanyou actively establishes strategic cooperation relationships with terminal brands through methods such as exhibition appearances, one-on-one visits and online discussions, forming a brand effect driven by both the source and the terminal, and fully promoting the construction of a green, low-carbon, and sustainable industrial chain.

Brand building is always on the way. Tangshan Sanyou will take the national "Variety,Quality,Brand" strategy as the guide, cultivates high-end brand with green, technology, fashionable, and innovation as the core, further enhance Sanyou's brand connotation and brand value, and promote Chinese fiber brands to go global.