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Re certified!Tangshan Sanyou has successfully passed the OCS organic content standard certification

Date: 2024.02.04

Publisher:Sanyou Group

Recently, Tangshan Sanyou officially passed the OCS organic content standard certification approved by the Textile Exchange-TE and obtained the certification.The acquisition of the certificate marks another solid step for the company in the field of sustainable development, further proving that Tangshan Sanyou has organic production capacity in bamboo fiber production.We are conveying to the public the company's commitment of organic production and the practice of sustainable textile value chain in an open and transparent way, fully supporting the organic content declaration of end products and therefore enhancing the trust of consumers.

The Organic Content Standard, abbreviated as OCS.It is a new organic certification standard launched by the non-profit organization Textile Trading Association in the United States.This certification is a standard for tracking and verifying the presence and quantity of organic raw materials in products. It requires all enterprises to pass the certification from the first processing after harvesting in the field to the final commercial trade process. It is applicable to all non food products containing 5% -100% organic raw materials.This standard is an organic standard widely recognized and accepted globally.It has been adopted world-widely for the certification of organic textiles since it was published. Organic content products certified by OCS can enter the mainstream market.

As a conveyor, practitioner, and contributor of the concept of sustainable development, Tangshan Sanyou has been adhering to the concept of green development for many years, and conducting a full life cycle (LCA) assessment from multiple dimensions such as raw material sources, sustainable production processes, and product safety traceability.

We has successively passed the internationally authoritative certification including "Forest Production and Marketing Chain of Custody (FSC) certification", "Sustainable Textile Production (STeP by OEKO-TEX®) certification", and "European Ecological Textile (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®) certification" ). At the same time, the number of Canopy buttons increased from 22 in 2019 to 31.5, holding the highest level of "dark green shirt".

The road of sustainable development is long and arduous. We will take this opportunity to deeply implement the national "Variety, Quality, Brand" strategy, empower the development of the industrial chain with innovative science and technology, and green brand concepts. We aim to gain market recognition by high-quality products and reliable services, bring green and sustainable products into millions of households, and promote Chinese fiber brands to the world.