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What is "Sanyou"?

Sanyou ® is another fiber brand of Sanyou Chemical Fiber, Sanyou ® series products are made of wood pulp or bamboo pulp as raw materials, through a number of innovative technologies to produce a variety of distinctive viscose staple fiber products. The application field covers underwear, sportswear, leisure wear, home wear, towels, bedding and other textile fields, and dry wet wipes, facial masks and other non-woven fields.

"Sanyou" series products

Products include Sanyou ® bamboo, Sanyou ® clean high whiteness fiber, Sanyou ® short cut fiber, Sanyou ® bamboo charcoal fiber, Sanyou ® Kangli antibacterial fiber, Sanyou ® flame retardant fiber, Sanyou ® high quality fiber, etc