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Key Cultivation Promotion of brand value enhancement | Tangshan Sanyou has been selected as one of Top 100 Textile and Clothing Brands for Key Cultivation

Date: 2024.02.04

Publisher:Sanyou Group

On May 31st, China Textile and Clothing Brand Conference was held in Huzhou, Zhejiang. The conference was hosted by China Textile Industry Federation and the People's Government of Wuxing District, Huzhou City. During the conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the " Top 100 Textile and Clothing Brands for Key Cultivation (2022 Edition)", and Tangshan Sanyou was included in the list of manufacturing brands.

Textile and Clothing Brands for Key Cultivation aims to cultivate a group of high-end brands and promote high-quality development in the textile industry. There are a total of 124 key cultivation targets identified this time, including 54 manufacturing brands.

Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a large-scale cellulose fiber manufacturing enterprise that integrates design, research and development, production, and sales. Guided by the national "Variety, Quality, Brand" strategy, Tangshan Sanyou continuously enriches product varieties and optimizes industrial structure. At present, Tangshan Sanyou has a hundred of varieties, covering three generations of cellulose fibers such as viscose staple fiber, modal fiber, and Lyocell fiber, and has a high-end fiber brand called Tangcell®, providing a rich and diverse selection of raw materials for the textile and non-woven industries. It is worth mentioning that  Tangshan Sanyou globally launched ecofiber EcoTang ® and recycled fiber ReVisco ® in 2020,leading the green and high-end transformation in the line of the viscose staple fiber .

Tangshan Sanyou integrates the concept of green sustainability into product design, enriches the brand's green connotation, and continuously improves product quality and service levels through technological innovation and quality management. The company has passed quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, energy management certifications, and SLCP social labor integration project audits. Tangshan Sanyou has passed FSC-COC forest production and sales supervision chain and PEFC production and sales supervision chain certification in terms of the raw materials, the EU BAT (Best Feasible Technology in the European Union) audit and STeP sustainable textile production certification in terms of production, and the European confidence textile OEKO-100 (Level I) certification and T Ü V soil biodegradability certification  in terms of products. Implementing full chain and full process ecological supervision from raw materials to products, Tangshan Sanyou has richer green connotations and more considerate services while improving product quality.

In terms of brand creation, Tangshan Sanyou adheres to the direction of sustainable development, endows Tangcell® with the connotation of "green, technology, and fashion", actively establishes strategic cooperation relationships with terminal brands to form a brand effect driven by both the source and the terminal, promotes the construction of a green, low-carbon and sustainable industrial chain, and leads the trend of green consumption. Tangshan Sanyou actively supports and implements the green actions advocated by environmental organizations such as Canopy and ZDHC, and conveys the concept of clean production and green living to society.

Being on the list of "Top 100 Textile and Clothing Brands for Key Cultivation" is a recognition and motivation for Tangshan Sanyou . Next, Tangshan Sanyou will take the national "Variety, Quality, Brand" strategy as the guide, cultivates high-end fiber brands with green, technology, fashion, and innovation as the core, further enhances Sanyou's brand connotation and brand value to enable Chinese fiber brands to go globally.