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What is "Tangcell"?

Tangcell,From nature.

Tangcell , originated from nature. Tangcell™ is a high-end regenerated cellulose fiber brand launched by Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fibre Co.,LTD., which which takes "green, science and technology, fashion" as its connotation and adopts innovative environmental protection technology to provide raw material matching solutions for the textile industry. It is in line with the sustainable development model of the whole industrial chain, the raw materials are derived from certified trees, and the production process adopts an innovative chemical cycle model, which can achieve biodegradation at the end of the use cycle and integrate into the ecological cycle again.

"Tangcell" series products

Products include Tangcell ™EcoTang™ , Tangcell™ReVisco™, Tangcell™ EcoColor fiber,Tangcell™Lyocell, Tangcell™Modal,Tangcell™Bamboo Modal, Tangcell™Customized products