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Tangshan Sanyou further increase the recycled content in Revisco fiber

Date: 2024.02.04

Publisher:Sanyou Group

Tangshan Sanyou is heading towards the "Double Hundred" cycle fashion vision, successfully acheived mass prodution of Revisco fiber containing 50% recycled textiles.

During the 2023 yarnexpo (Autumn and Winter), Zhang Dongbin, the Vice General Manager of Tangshan Sanyou , shared a good news at the TangCell Night: In August 2023, Tangshan Sanyou had successfully produced Revisco fiber with a recycled textile content of 50% using Circulose pulp. The fiber has achieved an A grade strength at 2.3cN/dtex, which means Tangshan Sanyou has the ability to mass produce Revisco fiber with a content of 50% recycled textile. It is another major breakthrough since Tangshan Sanyou announced its "Double Hundred" cycle fashion vision during March 2023 yarnexpo (Spring and Summer ) .

The "Double Hundred" cycle fashion vision is a vision achieved by Tangshan Sanyou and Renewcell and Ekman after deeply communication, with the goal of further promoting the recycling of recycled textiles and the development of fashion circulation. To be accurate, the vision is to achieve the production of Revisco fiber with 100% Circulose ® pulp in 2024, and  increase the recycled content in the Revisco fiber to 100% (Double Hundred).

Every year, a large number of textiles around the world are discarded, and their ultimate fate is mostly to go to waste treatment plants. The process of dealing with them will generate a large amount of greenhouse gas, which is clearly contrary to the current concept of sustainability.

As a pioneer in sustainable development, Tangshan Sanyou focuses on the impact of the  environment during various stages of production including raw material consumption, production transportation and disposal of the products. While developing and applying energy-saving technologies, we also focuses on the raw material side and cooperates with industry chain partners to use recycled textiles for cellulose fiber production, break through layers of technical difficulties and continuously increase the content of recycled textiles in fibers. It promotes the recycling and reuse of textiles, helps to reduce resource consumption and protect the Earth environment. On the other hand, it is found as new raw material for cellulose fiber production, which can reduce the dependence of textiles on natural resources and promote the development of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable direction.

In the future, Tangshan Sanyou will continue to seek more technological breakthroughs and achieve the vision of producing Revisco fibers with 100% recycled textiles content and expand production capacity according to market demand. In addition, Tangshan Sanyou will also explore the application of recycled textile raw material in new products, enriching the selection of raw materials for the textile industry. Tangshan Sanyou looks forward to collaborating with more industry chain partners to bring greener and more responsible products into people's lives.