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Green Technology, Zero Carbon future | Tangshan Sanyou passed the EU BAT audit again

Date: 2024.02.04

Publisher:Sanyou Group

Green technology, zero carbon future. Recently, Tangshan Sanyous three viscose staple fiber plants have once again passed the EU BAT audit.

Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fibre Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Tangshan Sanyou") is a large cellulose fiber manufacturer, with three fiber production plants, 11 production lines and 2 pilot lines, producing viscose staple fiber, modal fiber, lyocell fiber and other viscose products. It can be used in textile fields such as clothing and home textiles, and non-woven fields such as facial masks, dry and wet wipes. Tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co., Ltd. is its subsidiary.

EU BAT stands for European Union Best Available Technology, that is, the best available technology in the European Union, which stipulates the production technology that can play a high level of protection to the overall environment, aiming at preventing and reducing the impact of pollutant discharge on the environment as a whole, and representing a new stage in the application and development of technology.

Tangshan Sanyou EU BAT audit evaluation was conducted by STS organization experts, based on the best available technologies in the EU and the relevant MMCF requirements, through data collection, on-site evaluation, data analysis, evaluating the fiber process, energy efficiency and chemical consumption comprehensively.

The evaluation results show that:

1. The viscose fiber produced by Tangshan Sanyou Xingda Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd and Yuanda Fiber Co., Ltd in accordance with national and local regulations on ecological impact control.

2. The exhaust emission, energy intensity and other data caused by the production of viscose fibers are all within the limits recommended by EU BAT, or even below them.

3. During the evaluation period from January to December 2022, no gap was found between the production performance data of the plant and the EU BAT limits.

Green is the background color of enterprise development. Tangshan Sanyou has been taking clean production, green factory construction as the main work of enterprise development, through raw material control, sustainable product development, energy saving and emission reduction technology, brand strategic planning and construction, constantly refreshes the sustainable development results of the enterprise.

In 2021, Tangshan Sanyou officially proposed the company's sustainable development vision "Striving to achieve 30% carbon reduction per unit product by 2030, achieving carbon neutrality by 2055"; and joined the "30·60 China Textile and Garment Carbon Neutral accelerated Action". The company continues to promote low-carbon energy, green materials, clean production and low-carbon products to meet the challenges of global climate change and has released the corporate sustainability report for two consecutive years and publicized the sustainable progress of the company to the public. Besides, Tangshan sanyou conducted a "cradle to door" carbon footprint analysis of Tangcell ® products and completed a life cycle assessment (LCA) for Tangcell ®EcoTang.

At present, Tangshan Sanyou has obtained certification in many aspects such as enterprise management, green raw materials, clean production, and product safety, and passed the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management certification. Other certificates, such as Social Labor Convergence Project audit, SEDEX self-assessment, FSC-COC forest production and marketing chain of custody, PEFC production and marketing chain of custody, STeP sustainable Textile production certification, European Confidence Textiles OEKO-100(Level I) certification, RCS(Recycling Declaration Standard) certification, TUV soil biodegradable certification, etc. Tangshan Sanyou detects wastewater, sludge and coming water in accordance with ZDHC standards every year, promotes zero discharge of harmful chemicals, realize the whole chain and whole process ecological supervision from raw materials to products, and enhance the sustainable development level of enterprises in multiple dimensions.

The approval of the EU BAT audit once again confirms Tangshan Sanyou's commitment and persistence to sustainable development. Sustainable development is not only a direction but also a responsibility. In the future, Tangshan Sanyou will adhere to the integration of technological innovation and green development, constantly improve its own sustainable development level, cooperate with industry partners to create a green and transparent supply chain, and provide consumers with safe and assured conscience products.

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), a division of BluWin Ltd (headquartered in the UK), is made up of more than 50 interdisciplinary professionals including chemical engineers, textile and leather engineers, environmental scientists, data analysts and economists, promoting the textile, leather, clothing and footwear industries towards more sustainable production by providing impactful services.